EP005: Exploring Psychedelic Plant Medicine with Paul Austin

Paul Austin is the founder and CEO of The Third Wave, one of the world’s leading authorities on psychedelic plant medicine and microdosing research.

In this episode, Daniel and Paul discuss different varieties of psychedelic medicines, their uses, effects on the body and potential benefits for mental and physical health.

We are all creators, but it’s easy to lose touch with that ability in our daily lives.

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  • (02:40) Intro/Psychedelics primer: What is the Third Wave of psychedelics?
  • (17:57) Paul’s experiences and research into psychedelics:
    1. How is culture responding to the new psychedelic research currently?
    2. What has changed historically?
  • (19:27) Psychedelics for beginner psychonauts: What to look for and look out for.
    Psychedelics use as a skill.
  • (28:32) Daniel’s best Ayahuasca story
  • (34:47) Tips for sourcing psychedelics
  • (44:47) Liquid LSD
  • (47:31) How are leaders using psychedelics?: Psychedelics as a tool for dealing with changing times and a crisis of meaning
  • (1:04:28) Final thoughts & Wrap-up


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