EP006: 10 Lessons For Applying The Martial Arts Mindset to Everyday Life

In this episode, Daniel explores his journey as a lifelong martial artist and distills 10 unique mindset lessons he’s learned through jiu jitsu as they apply to everyday life.

We are all creators, but it’s easy to lose touch with that ability in our daily lives.

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  • (03:00) Intro to episode: My journey through martial arts
  • (33:48) Lesson #1 – Discomfort
  • (37:21) Lesson #2 – Insistence
  • (40:41) Lesson #3 Detachment and Acceptance
  • (42:50) Lesson #4 Planning ahead
  • (45:19) Lesson #5 Embrace what is
  • (48:42) Lesson #6 Generosity
  • (52:34) Lesson #7 Repetition and Studying the game
  • (54:08) Lesson #8 Universal respect
  • (56:50) Lesson #9 Keep it playful
  • (58:33) Lesson #10 Mindset of the life long student
  • (1:00:40) Outro


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