4 Things We Learned From The New Wave Workshop


We just rocked it!

Last weekend, we hosted The New Wave Workshop, a two-day event via Zoom aimed at exploring and expanding on the coming innovations in:

  • Web3 and blockchain technology

  • Cryptocurrency investment

  • NFTs and digital ownership

  • The Metaverse

We facilitated over 12 hours of deep learning, while hosting 6 incredible guest speakers who dropped knowledge on us left and right.

The speaker lineup:

In the New Wave Discord community, I asked participants to share their biggest takeaways after Day 1.

Here are some of the gems from participants via The New Wave Discord community, with my commentary:

1.) “The USD is decreasing, therefore it takes more money to buy the same asset.”

Loved this note by Isaac

Isaac makes a very good point here. The USD is losing value more quickly than ever.

Isaac said his mind was absolutely blown by Hillorie Le’s presentation on crypto investing in the coming age of hyper-inflation.

Recent reports from the Consumer Price Index show that inflation is supposedly at 6.8%. Though I’d wager that nearly anybody you ask will say that it feels closer to 10% based on cost of living alone.

With that information in mind, we’ll be able to design an investment strategy that will beat inflation. Crypto is a big part of that.

LISTEN: New Wave Podcast EP003: Why Crypto Will Rule The World w/ Hillorie Le

2.) “Mind was blow for a second time when we learned about staking our coins to gain interest on them rather than just sitting in my wallet.”

One of my biggest takeaways from this weekend is that it’s not enough to simply hold your tokens and ride the wave of capital appreciation.

Most of the top projects in the crypto world will probably continue to increase in value in the medium-term. But you don’t want to settle for whatever appreciation in value your coins are holding.

Staking them is a mechanism for “locking” them in a vault, so that the larger network can use your liquidity to complete transactions on the blockchain. The longer your offer (“stake”) your coins, the more interest you accrue.

For instance – I’m a big Solana fan. I have a good amount of SOL that I don’t plan on selling any time soon. It would benefit me to lock up a portion of my tokens with a staking service like Lido — which offers up to 5-10% APY depending on which assets you stake.

Most banks are only giving us .15% APY on our savings accounts. Staking rates are at least competitive with inflation.

When combined with the natural value growth of the tokens over time, the benefits of staking begin to compound tremendously.

If you’re interested in learning more about investing your crypto and growing it, I did an entire podcast with Neil Haque — who was also a speaker at workshop last weekend.

LISTEN: New Wave Podcast EP015: How To Build Your Own Cryptobank

3.) “The old way of saving yourself to riches is long gone and doesn’t work anymore…”

Yes, this hit hard.

Last weekend’s workshop really drilled in the message that times are a-changing. The model that our parents and grandparents followed to become successful is in serious jeopardy of collapsing.

I think I’m most mad about the stamps! Postage is such a rip off now!

This website shows how consumer prices have exploded since we left the gold standard in 1971 — and with that, how the value of the dollar has plummeted in the same time frame.

This is one of the primary reasons we invest in crypto – because we know that it’s the best performing asset class in the history of the stock market. Even when it’s crashing, it’s still performing well year-over-year.

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Bitcoin (BTC) is one of the best things to happen to the global economy in the history of money.

In November BTC hit an ATH (“All Time High”…keep up with the crypto slang!) last month at $68k. It’s now down in the mid/high-40’s. This is still up nearly 2.5X on the year (Jan was $19k). That’s simply unheard of in any other asset class.

Crypto may not solve every problem that we have, but it’s giving us a framework for the solution.

The only downside to crypto is that it’s still so new. Many (most?) projects will not do well, even if the industry as a whole continues to explode. If you want to hear how I design my portfolio, check out EP007 of the New Wave Entrepreneur Podcast.

I’m fairly conservative in my approach, even in a space which is quite volatile.

My hope is that with the growth of blockchain technology, we’ll create a more equitable money and social system. If we don’t blow up the whole earth first, that is.

4.) “There are so many opportunities to get free crypto…”

Web2.0 was all about monetizing your attention.

One of the main philosophies of Web3 is the concept of getting paid for the time you spend online. Think about how much time you spend looking at advertisements, distracted by some tech giant’s mind control device.

I say it’s only fair you be compensated for the time you spend online.

For instance, the Brave browser pays you in its native token BAT (Basic Attention Token) for every minute that you spend looking at ads. Those tokens go into your cryptowallet and can be exchanged for other digital currencies or USD.

To me, that’s revolutionary.

Upcoming Workshops For January 2022

The Money Moves Workshop

Thursday, January 27th, 2022 @ 10am – 4pm PST via Zoom (will be recorded)

“I don’t dance, I just make money moves.”

If I’d ever thought there was a chance that I’d be quoting Cardi B in a promotion, I’d have give up writing a long time ago. But alas…here we are!

In January, we’ll be hosting the Money Moves Workshop.


  • Date: Thursday, January 27th

  • Time: 10am PST – 4pm PST

  • Location: ZOOM (link will be sent prior to start)

  • All live sessions will be recorded for you to watch later or if you can’t make it

  • Early Bird Tickets are $97

What We’ll Cover:

  • How I separate my biz and personal finances w/out headaches

  • How I track cashflow to make sure I always have enough

  • Tools I use to calculate monthly revenue, expenses and investments (w/real examples)

  • How I consistently set and hit my goals with money

  • Whatever else I think of

We’re also going to bring in guest experts to talk about:

  • Day-to-day bookkeeping, financial tracking + understanding cashflow and accounting for self-employed and entrepreneurs.

  • How to build a balanced portfolio that makes you wealthy over time.

  • Advantageous tax structure for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.

  • The new regulations you need to know in crypto taxes.

Simply put, this is designed to give you a tremendous ROI.

Tickets for this go on pre-sale for this Jan 10th, then we open to the public Jan 17th. Make sure you subscribe to the New Wave Entrepreneur to get early bird notifications when this workshop opens up.

We are all creators, but it’s easy to lose touch with that ability in our daily lives.

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