EP014: Guiding Principles For Living A Powerful Life

Your principles are custom made for your unique life and based on your individual experiences. They may sound strange to somebody who is not you — and that’s ok.

Your principles are a set of guidelines to help you navigate who you want to be in every situation. They are your personal wisdom.

Last night, I sat down to write my principles out. I came up with these by looking at the biggest struggles in my life, and reverse engineering them to the root.

Everything I’ve learned and distilled into a principle is the result of pain from making a mistake.

After you’ve listened to today’s episode, I want you to take 20-30 minutes today to think about your principles and outline them. Leave me a comment below and LMK what you come up with.

We are all creators, but it’s easy to lose touch with that ability in our daily lives.

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  • (06:16) Principle  #1 Don’t lie

  • (10:37) Principle  #2 Stick to the plan, but don’t be outcome dependent

  • (13:39) Principle #3 Focus on things that build energy, not drain energy

  • (16:22) Principle #4 Balancing my tendency for workaholism

  • (21:57) Principle  #5 Maintain a soft heart even when I am hurt

  • (25:41) Principle #6 Do whatever the HARD thing is

  • (30:30) Principle #7 Set clear boundaries for yourself and others

  • (34:39) Principle #8 Become aware of your own patterns and break the loop

  • (37:15) Principle #9 Never say something about someone behind their back (if you wouldn’t say it to their face)

  • (39:14) Principle #10 Be proactive not reactive

  • (44:04) Principle #11 Embrace discomfort of taking a stand for yourself (even if you’re in the minority)

  • (46:03) Outro

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