How To Create Your Reality

“Anything I create through focused attention and loving intention becomes my reality.”

This phrase came up for me over and over again in meditation this morning. But what does it actually mean?

The problem is not “if” what you focus and intend becomes reality. The path from intention to creation is a fact. Even when you don’t consciously intend something, if your thoughts and actions communicate that intent, changes will occur — be they positive or negative.

This is cause and effect. 

Yet we often negate our ability to create the circumstances we want in life. Why?

There are two primary factors that cause us to distrust our ability to create what we want in our life.

#1: The slow speed and low bandwidth of physical reality

The speed of creation — meaning how rapidly your focused energy and intention can create a new reality — is often painfully slow. This is because the 3D world has relatively low bandwidth (i.e. potential capacity) compared to that of the psychic realm (mind) or the metaphysical realm (spirit). 

Consider the example of writing a book. 

According to multiverse theory, the completed book already exists in parallel reality because all realities exist simultaneously as potential. The author’s job is to merge the present line of reality with that potential line of new reality through intentional action in the physical world. 

All the information for the completed book — or the resources to find that information — is contained inside the mind of the author before the book is written. 

This is where the rubber meets the road. The labor of 3D reality requires the author to intercept the information out of possibility into present reality like a radio frequency on a specific channel, picking up the signal that’s transmitted through universal potential and received by the brain. Then, the signal must be “unscrambled” and translated into a physical end product.  

The keyboard is the mechanical barrier between the author and the finished product.

First, all the competing thoughts must be organized and squeezed through this narrow, clunky physical channel which hasn’t changed much in 100 years. Like a great dam forcibly constricting a crushing tide, the brain must fall in line with the limits of current technology. 

The keyboard is confined to a set number of keys, has a variable output that decreases as the typist fatigues and is subject to a host of mechanical errors, creating imperfect work.

Elon Musk is working on a solution for this at Neuralink, increasing the bandwidth of human potential by circumventing the keyboard and connecting the brain directly to the computer. We are still relatively far away from this being a seamless process.

Since the link from universal possibility >> thought >> creation must inevitably go through physical channels before the new reality is apparent, we often get frustrated because at various stages of the process, we don’t feel the result is actually inevitable — even though we may understand intellectually that all potential realities must exist in the field. 

There is a mismatch of perception between the speed of our brain and the speed of 3D — akin to the tremendous difference between a dialup modem of the 1990’s and today’s wireless internet. 

This discrepancy causes us to doubt our own ability to create reality when what we are really experiencing is a lack of bandwidth and speed caused by the clunky physics of 3D reality, not the absence of potential in the field or personal ability.

#2: Duration of focused attention required to affect change

The second element that causes us to distrust our ability to create is the duration of focus required to affect material change. This is another impediment of the 3D world. 

Water does not boil the instant you set it over an open flame, yet chemical changes are happening from the moment you turn on the burner until the second it begins bubbling — but in our minds, nothing in the interim counts, because the goal is to cook our pasta. 

In the same way, the mind needs both quality and duration of focus to create results in the physical. The main danger is boredom and lack of “motivation” to reach the mental boiling point where a new reality can occur. 

During the time when it feels like nothing is happening, a whole host of changes are being made below the surface which are creating the conditions for new reality. But if you turn off the burner too soon, everything cools off again. 

The only solution is to stay the course until things start cooking.

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