EP021: Totally Legal Strategies To Pay Almost Nothing On Your Crypto Taxes in 2022 w/ Lorenzo Abbatiello

In this episode, Daniel dives deep with Lorenzo Abbatiello CPA, who specializes in helping his clients keep more money by paying less taxes on their cryptocurrencies.

This is extremely important, given the fact that one of the pillars of the New Wave manifesto is learning how to utilize crypto and other Web3 tools.

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    Connect with Lorenzo:
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    • (00:00) Guest introductions/Overview of episode. Putting crypto and taxes into context

    • (09:06) Is the crypto industry here to stay?

    • (11:41) Lorenzo’s journey into crypto currencies and crypto taxes

    • (13:30) How is crypto taxed? Some mechanism for taxation

    • (19:30) How is the government able to audit your crypto transactions in a world of decentralized applications?

    • (24:23) Where is crypto regulation headed towards? The XRP legal case explained

    • (28:29) Knowing what the government is after in terms of taxes, what are the ways to maximize our gains? Tactics for those holding below 10k, between 100-150k and beyond

    • (33:58) How does Puerto Rico crypto taxation work

    • (39:15) What US states are the best for incorporating your business in

    • (41:19) Crypto and unrealized gains tax. BTC goes from 20k to 50k – what happens?

    • (48:49) Is it a smart strategy to HODL but to take small profits to optimize tax?
      (52:07) Midroll
      (55:34) The dangers of staking protocols. Taxes are paid on both capital gains AND staking rewards. What to know about setting up your own node.
      (59:54) SOL, Avalanche, DOT and Chainlink: what are the prospects in 2022?
      (1:04:00) Metaverse coins in 2022. Metaverse gaming will be huge.
      (1:05:55) What are the main similarities and differences between Web 1 and Web 3? The implications of one of the the largest wealth transfer in history

    • (1:26:18) Final thoughts & further resources. How to reach out to Lorenzo

    • (1:28:25) Outro

    DISCLAIMER: None of the contents of this show should be taken as financial or legal advice. The New Wave Entrepreneur is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Remember: always DYOR!


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