EP023: Daniel x Ret. Detective Don Carter & Guests

In this episode, Daniel sits down with former Kansas City detective Don Carter to discuss the controversial and important topics around dealing with police authority in an emotionally triggered society.

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  • (00:00) Introduction to show and to former detective Don Carter. Becoming a police officer as a black person in America, serving your community and maximizing personal sovereignty.

  • (06:54) Defining what personal sovereignty means for various people. Perspectives on the importance of choice, amor fati.

  • (10:15) What exactly is the police and policing? The relationship between the people and the State.

  • (13:35) Definitions of authority. Order vs obedience. The history of police work and its relationship to slavery.

  • (24:25) The highest form of government is self-government. Definitions of kindness. The police force is populated by human beings. How we have been conditioned to perceive the police. 

  • (52:13) Power vs force. Collaboration is key to turning interactions with the police to your advantage. How to deal with aggressive police officers.  

  • (57:16) How interacting with the police has changed since the days of Malcolm X.

  • (1:00:36) Part of being sovereign is choosing how you interact with it.

  • (1:14:14) Audience Q: How did Daniel come to develop his perspective?

  • (1:21:31) Audience Q: If the current restrictions develop into more extreme forms what would be the best way to fight for our freedoms?

  • (1:28:40) Audience Q: How to not react in a way that causes you trouble?

  • (1:35:48) Closing thoughts

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