EP036: Which Brands Will Rule The Metaverse? w/ Cam Kirkwood

Cam Kirkwood is a marketing strategist who has worked for top tech brands. His current work is devoted to getting brands ready for their future with Metaverse, NFTs, Crypto. 

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      • (00:00) Introduction to Show/Overview of topics
      • (04:35) The story of self-development that led to Daniel and Cam meeting
      • (08:10) Cam’s background and extensive experiences in marketing: Apple, Ben & Jerry’s and other big name brands. How are the biggest brands getting ready for NFTs/Web3?
      • (10:38) Tech seems to be accelerating exponentially: we are already living in the future 
      • (13:06) Big brands all define the Metaverse to themselves in a different way. What is it exactly? Daniel shares his scary experience testing VR porn
      • (17:15) How will online influencers carry over into the Metaverse?
      • (32:02) What’s the next step for NFT tech given that a lot of the current stuff has no use-case?
      • (38:48) How does one even STEAL a Bitcoin? 
      • (40:32) Elon Musk’s take on taxing billionaires. Are the mega wealthy better capital allocators?
      • (47:33) Cam’s vision for the future of marketing in the NFT/Web3 space
      • (54:55) Cam’s take on Apple’s marketing efforts. Is Apple still innovative?   
      • (59:42) Introducing New Wave Premium Membership (midroll)I
      • (01:06:41) The Steve Jobs archetype is a type of leader that many businesses need
      • (01:09:06) Don’t get into NFTs without choosing an audience and a niche that makes sense
      • (01:11:01) The culture imprint of Marvel
      • (01:14:15) Is Amazon’s scale becoming dangerous to society?
      • (01:18:53) Linear TV was not trackable, modern marketing is highly precise
      • (01:21:28) Which brands are taking the biggest risks in the NFT space currently?
      • (01:25:52) Closing thoughts/Daniel and Cam share movie recommendations
      • (01:32:16) Outro/Promo for upcoming stuff

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