EP040: Escape The Programming and Activate Your Own Unlimited Healing Powers w/ Dr. Brett Jones

Dr. Brett taps in with The New Wave Entrepreneur to hit you with some knowledge today — including how society places limitations on your unlimited human potential…and how you can heal yourself!  

Brett Jones is an author and founder of the Source Chiropractic — a nationwide franchise of chiropractic clinics. He’s the CEO of Kairos Training Culture. 

He lives in Tucson, AZ.

Join Daniel DiPiazza, Brett Jones and friends at Soul Revival 2022 in Tuscon on March 26! 

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    • (00:52) Introduction to Dr Brett
    • (03:29) Will the human race survive long enough to see the Singularity?
    • (06:08) Humans are here for TWO main reasons
    • (10:02) We have more senses than just five. Modern life has made people very soft.
    • (12:12) Every advancement in external tech has come at the expense of internal development
    • (26:39) Our thoughts are condition by the energy we come in contact with the most
    • (32:12) It takes 7 years to re-organize your energy field
    • (37:22) You must determine what skills to develop in life and FOCUS
    • (40:10) We have become extremely numb
    • (43:06) Look for the “WHY” beyond things
    • (45:51) Do not be defeatist and do the best you can every day. There is always a chance to get better in the dynamics of life 
    • (46:45) Canada freezing people’s bank accounts has a clear lesson: DIVERSIFY. The best currency in the modern world is relationships.
    • (55:50) Closing thoughts/what is Soul Revival?
    • (58:04) Outro

    DISCLAIMER: None of the contents of this show should be taken as financial or legal advice. The New Wave Entrepreneur is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Remember: always DYOR!


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