EP042: The Invisible Structures That Control Your Reality (Los Angeles 2019)

In this 2019 keynote, Daniel breaks down three powerful psychological constructs that shape your reality — and how you can use them to keep getting stronger, even when the world pushes back against you.

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    • (03:38) Daniel sets the scene and shares a personal story of loss.
      The universe is a relationship of opposites
    • (09:51) What exactly is POWER? Developing your power is about confronting what you fear the most
    • (12:26) Power vs strength. Power is strength combined with precision. It is action with specific intent.
    • (15:45) Power is your ability to overcome your fears regarding the past and the future
    • (17:09) You are the universal consciousness recognizing itself
    • (19:12) The things you think generate the world around you
    • (25:30) The story you tell yourself about your life and the life you actually live must align
    • (29:28) There are things that stand in the way of developing our power: INVISIBLE STRUCTURES
    • (35:36) Pendulums: people trapping you in their way of thinking
    • (41:56) Structures: the structures of control on the behavioral level
    • (46:35) Five tenets to start developing power: my word is law, outcome independence, stepping out of the average, recognizing invisible walls, recognizing resistance
    • (48:22) Closing thoughts

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