EP043: Notorious Pharma Family Loses $6B + Weekly Recap

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  • (00:00) Overview of topics/Intro to show

  • (5:45) What are the visible effects of inflation in the current market? Supply chain issues, price increases in gas, postal services and other markets across the USA

  • (15:42) Introduction to Day Dalio’s book “The Changing World Order” First impressions from the guests

  • (23:13) What did the panel make of Dalio’s views on the gold standard and how money is created? Can inflation be avoided? Is the system deliberately evil or just broken systematically?

  •  (31:50) Problems with the student debt bubble. Are loans for university worth it or not?

  •  (38:14) How do we integrate the lessons from the books and from being observant of our rapidly changing world? The importance of educating yourself about economics 

  • (48:10) When is enough enough in the context of technology? Can we have too much tech?

  • (58:01) What can we do as individuals to help others to understand the coming world of Web 3 and decentralization? 

  • (1:13:29) Closing thoughts

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