EP049: How To Be Unstoppable In Your Life And Career (San Francisco 2018)

Here’s a piece of the 6+ hour masterclass I gave at CreativeLive headquarters in San Francisco in September 2018. I just checked, over 8,000 students have taken the entire class. That blows my mind.

In this talk, I’m unpacking the concept of Power and exploring its many faces as they relate to human achievement.  My goal is to show you how to use your own physical, mental and spiritual power to make important shifts in your life + career. 


📌 Get the rest on CreativeLive:https://www.creativelive.com/class/unstoppable-inner-power-for-entrepreneurs-daniel-dipiazza

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    • (00:50) Introduction to Show/Overview of topics
    • (04:50) Beginning of presentation/Danie’s early days in business
    • (10:19) What is POWER? What is STRENGTH? (they are not the same)
    • (19:09) There are 4 layers to power. Pillar 1#: physical power.
    • (35:33) Peak physical experience (Abraham Maslow)
    • (56:28) Some recommended reading for physical health
    • (01:04:38) How to develop physical strength when you have a disability? 
    • (01:06:19) Food as a coping mechanism for dealing with bad mental health. Understand your cues and triggers
    • (01:09:10) Pillar #2 mental and emotional power
    • (01:14:45) Meta-cognition is the art of thinking about what you are thinking about
    • (01:22:42) Entrepreneurs work best in a state of radical transparency
    • (01:31:48) Outro/Closing thoughts

    DISCLAIMER: None of the contents of this show should be taken as financial or legal advice. The New Wave Entrepreneur is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Remember: always DYOR!


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