EP054: De-Shaming Mental Health In People And Society w/ Chris Stoikos

This is an episode inside of an episode. Late 2021, Daniel and Chris Stoikos sat down to record 5 pilot episodes for a new podcast concept called The Gift of The Gap. In this episode, you’ll hear the first of those recordings between Daniel and Chris.

Chris Stoikos is an exquisite human and brilliant serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits under his belt, including Coolbox and The Beard Club.

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  • (00:00) Introduction to Show/Overview of topics
  • (03:30) De-shaming mental health. Mental health and physical health are the same thing.  
  • (08:57) Mental illness labels are used loosely and often destructive
  • (10:38) The gift of the gap: to cope with information overload, we need to take mental breaks.
  • (17:04) How to pull things out of your mind that you don’t want to keep there no longer
  • (27:05) The psychological aspects of shame.
  • (34:39) Reflections of “false urgency” in a capitalist world & social media
  • (39:40) The importance of clear communication. Human design.
  • (52:30) Closing thoughts and outro

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