EP055: How To Find Your Passion and Purpose w/ Dr. Kate Jones

In this episode, Daniel answers questions from the New Wave Podcast audience. 

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  • (00:00) Introduction to Show/Overview of topics
  • (04:27) Beginning of interview. Why is chiropractic work seen as a pseudo-science?
  • (07:17) Kate’s personal story of rites of passage and coming to work as a chiropractic.Getting through chiropractic school while having two kids
  • (26:21) Taking inventory of where you’re at is a crucial skill for self-actualization
  • (31:14) How did Kate piece herself back together after a serious life crisis
  • (32:47) Reprioritizing relationships
  • (38:45) Know thyself
  • (45:49) Nervous system regulation. How to repair your nervous system
  • (49:37) Information overload, mental diet and “content addiction”
  • (53:04) It’s not the best to go at it alone. Cultural pressures that are put on women specifically.
  • (58:44) Tuning into yourself and what you can uniquely offer
  • (01:01:59) Kate’s book recommendations (she’s not a big reader)
  • (01:08:49) Soul Revival event
  • (01:16:09) Outro

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