EP064: Predicting Alzheimer’s At 35, $52.8MM DeFi Hack + Friday Recap

Every Friday, we do a recap of interesting headlines in culture, business, tech and more. Here’s what I found fascinating this week.

We are all creators, but it’s easy to lose touch with that ability in our daily lives.

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  • (00:00) Introduction to Friday wrap-up, March 25
  • (03:05) Alzheimer’s disease can appear earlier than we think?
  • (10:55) DeFi Robinhood: hacker exploits crypto exchange
  • (13:40) The old school finance kings are getting into crypto
  • (18:16) ETH staking on Coinbase has dropped
  • (22:18) Ethereum market cap passes Bank of America and Mastercard
  • (26:39) Further developments in Ukraine
  • (35:20) The previous crisis got erased from the news cycle overnight

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