EP076: How To Stop Competing And Win Being Yourself w/ Arman Assadi

Arman Assadi is the Chief Growth Officer of Collective Shift, founder of Steno and Project EVO, and host of the FLOW with Arman Assadi podcast. 

In this episode, Daniel sits down with Arman to discuss what it means to create “specific skills” in your career which allow you to command what you’re worth for doing what you’re passionate about, without competing with others who don’t care about you anyway.

We are all creators, but it’s easy to lose touch with that ability in our daily lives.

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  • (03:20) Arman and Daniel share travel stories
  • (15:08) People have a deep desire to properly label themselves
  • (19:43) There is a deep need for community in a post-pandemic world
  • (27:33) Web2 skills are transferable to Web3
  • (37:30) Daniel will attempt to make one of the first podcasts in the Metaverse
  • (39:15) The current state of the crypto market (we’re probably in a BEAR)
  • (42:59) Biden’s take on CBDCs
  • (48:41) Using leverage is extremely dangerous. Using DeFi is a full-time job.
  • (52:08) ETH (Ethereum) is probably highly undervalued. The long-term potential of crypto.
  • (01:02:30) Don’t compete in life, ust play your own game.
  • (01:07:10) Living is the art of dealing with contradictory impulses inside of us


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