EP077: Building A Studio To Rival Disney w/ Tom Bilyeu (2017 Throwback)

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. In this throwback episode, Daniel and Tom break down the process of building a unicorn startup — including both the mental skills and skills required to be ultra-successful at whatever you choose.

We are all creators, but it’s easy to lose touch with that ability in our daily lives.

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  • (04:52) Happiness and the virtuous cycle. 
  • (09:67) A bar called Quest. 
  • (13:32) 25 Business Ideas for the low, low cost of an email.
  • (16:00) We are living through the entrepreneurial revolution.
  • (18:25) “No b******t, what will it take,” made Quest soar in a saturated and declining protein bar market.
  • (29:30) Planting a flag — Impact Theory will be bigger than Disney in 50 years.
  • (34:25) How to develop your passion
  • and how to monetize it.
  • (40:30) Good Intentions, Bad Execution.
  • (42:10) Tom thinks about money in terms of fulfillment.
  • (49:14) Money and fame have a real impact.
  • (53:33) Tom Bilyeu gets really deep on genetics.
  • (55:10) The dark side of entrepreneurship is a negative mindset.
  • (01:00:07) Real life stories of determination.
  • (01:07:24) The three phases of Impact Theory.
  • (01:18:15) Manipulating our future lives. 


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