EP082: James Lindsay Is A Marketing Genius Who Loves Snacks

James Lindsay is a highly successful Miami-based entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Rap Snacks. By partnering with some of the rap game’s most recognizable names such as Cardi B, Migos, Lil Boosie, Rick Ross, Master P and Romeo, the brand has sold tens of millions of units and become one of the most visible hip-hop geared consumer products over the last few decades.

In this episode, Daniel and James discuss his twenty five year journey of entrepreneurship and what he learned from creating one of the most viral consumer product brands ever.

We are all creators, but it’s easy to lose touch with that ability in our daily lives.

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  • (06:30) Is entrepreneurship for everybody or not?
  • (08:41) Quick recap of James’ impressive portfolio of products
  • (10:20) How did James become the CEO of Rap Snacks
  • (17:43) Equity in a business trumps a cash payout
  • (23:51) The reasoning behind the brand name Wifey; knowing who you are targeting
  • (31:45) Most businesses have the same problems. James shared his biggest lessons.
  • (37:48) Daniel is working on a Metaverse podcast studio
  • (40:42) Biggest surprises James has seen during his business journey
  • (43:23) James’ advice for people who haven’t found their passion

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