EP086: Should Elon Musk Be Allowed To Own and Control Twitter? (Saturday Q&A)

World’s Richest Man Elon Musk is making a play to buy a majority stake in Twitter (he’s already purchased 9.2% and gotten a seat on the board). 

Is this good news for free speech in a troubled social media climate — or is it setting a dangerous precedent? Daniel weighs in.

We are all creators, but it’s easy to lose touch with that ability in our daily lives.

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(01:40) Elon Musk bought 9.2% of Twitter, now he wants ALL of it
(05:07) Elon buying Twitter is following the Jeff Bezos playbook
(07:03) Extreme levels of wealth are not necessarily aspirational 
(10:35) Elon’s Starlink project: low altitude satellites


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