EP089: What Will The World Look Like In The MetaVerse? w/ Natasha Willis

Daniel sits down with multi-disciplinary entrepreneur Natasha Willis to talk about the future of technology — how it will affect our daily lives — and the trajectory humanity may take as a result.

Natasha Willis is the co-founder of GG Web3 and co-founder of School of Bots, where she has helped train 10,000+ marketing professionals. Her expertise comes from generating $30M+ for clients like Foundr, ClickFunnels, and Mindvalley. Natasha has spoken at 100+ events alongside influencers like Gary V and Richard Branson, and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more.

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  • (04:22) Facebook is trying to set the whole narrative around the Metaverse
  • (10:23) Is Web3 as decentralized as we think it is?
  • (14:56) Just because we CAN, does it mean we SHOULD keep developing technology?
  • (22:34) Should we monetize everything that we do?
  • (27:04) Making a transition out of your previous professional identity
  • (31:10) Despite the pandemic, we still have a deep need for direct human communication
  • (43:08) How come you don’t see more women making big moves in online business?
  • (38:42) Natasha’s take on the Elizabeth Holmes scandal
  • (51:20) Ready Player One has inspired all the current leaders in the Metaverse space


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