EP091: Lessons From a $50MM Exit w/ Gerard Adams (2017 Throwback)

In this episode, Daniel sits down with serial entrepreneur Gerard Adams to talk about his journey from zero to exiting his media company, Elite Daily, for $50MM in 2015. 

Gerard is the definition of New Wave, so tap into today’s episode and surf with us.

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  • (03:29) Stories about starting a bottled water brand
  • (06:44) Gerard’s creative process for coming up with business ideas
  • (11:01) What are some ways to start a business without a lot of start-up capital?
  • (13:50) You don’t need to be rich or famous to be a leader, you need courage
  • (19:00) Is live video the future of content?
  • (25:38) The content production game is a long-term game
  • (28:42) With age comes a lot of wisdom, patience and discipline
  • (34:21) Stop worrying about everybody else. It’s better for business.
  • (38:58) Entrepreneurship is an arena for self-development, self-awareness
  • (41:37) Gerard’s biggest challenges in life and business
  • (52:02) There is no better time in history to be a content creator and paving your own way
  • (59:41) Gerard sold his company and got…. DEPRESSED!
  • (01:05:27) The importance of social currency and focusing on the BIG picture
  • (01:15:42) Rapid fire questions and wrap-up.  Does Gerard believe in aliens? What’s the biggest problem business owners face in their personal relationships? 


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