EP093: Is Entrepreneurship Really For You? Saturday Q&A w/ Daniel

In this Saturday Q/A, Daniel answers business and life questions from the inbox. Are there some good reasons for NOT starting a business? This is a topic that is not often discussed.

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  • (02:17) Audience question #1: Is entrepreneurship for everybody or not? What are the pros and the cons? What are some reasons NOT to start a business?
  • (07:00) If you need security, stability and predictability, it might not be for you
  • (10:30) A high tolerance for frustration is a necessity for running your own business
  • (15:20) Audience question #2: How to attract clients to your business?
  • (24:31) Audience question #3: What are some ways to meet other successful people?
  • (26:45) Like attracts like, but as an adult, you have to be INTENTIONAL about attracting the friends you want
  • (29:32) Approach new people as if they are already your friends 


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