EP096: Taking Mental, Physical and Ancestral Healing Into Your Own Hands w/ Adrian Ellison

In this episode, Daniel welcomes Adrian Ellison — a modern day Medicine Woman with a gift of bridging language between what we see with what we feel so we can access our deepest healing and purpose in this life.

Adrian is Founder of Awaken the Medicine, which encourages individuals to take their physical, mental & ancestral healing into their own hands. She does this by providing tools to bring awareness to the uniquely unconscious parts of ourselves where we can begin to access our gifts. Having healed her mind and body of chronic illness through the work of Self Healing practices, her passion for teaching alternative methods of healing and activating the intuitive healer within us all is at an all time high!

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  • (03:15) Reality TV and what it means to be an influencer
  • (16:27) The story of the only black Samurai
  • (18:21) Adrian’s crazy experience of dry fasting for 7 days
  • (26:47) Nobody is coming to save you (and that’s OK)
  • (32:13) The Phoenix Protocol for dry fasting
  • (40:50) You’re sometimes only one mushroom ceremony away from quitting your job, ending your relationships
  • (43:41) Information without proper integration is not useful
  • (47:40) Doing psychedelics with your parents
  • (52:38) Somatic healing. The importance and practice of breathing correctly
  • (01:06:36) MDMA as a heart-opener. Daniel’s experience with MDMA.
  • (01:08:18) Why even bother going through the painful work of self-healing?


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