EP098: Don’t Build It If No One Wants It with Dan Martell

Dan Martell joins Daniel for an educational conversation about development, both tribe, and product, how to be smart when looking for mentors, and the value of subscription-based services. If you don’t already know Dan, he is the Founder of Clarity.fm, a business coach, and a relationship builder, who appreciates proving his worth with every piece of content he puts out.

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  • (06:55) All entrepreneurs grow and evolve over time.
  • (12:33) The question isn’t can you build it but should you build it.
  • (19:45) Why you should befriend someone on the board of a non-profit.
  • (24:34) Dave McClure and Travis Kalanick gave Dan support in his early days of entrepreneurship.
  • (34:09) Do not build your business on someone else’s platform.
  • (40:27) A subscription-based service is a long-term marketing tool that creates tribes.


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