EP097: Getting Real About Life, Business and The Creative Journey w/ Dustin Lien

Dustin Lien is an entrepreneur with experience in several different industries. This is a casual conversation between friends about the realities of life and business.

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  • (04:35) Cultivating discipline without going insane. Most people, at some point in their life, should train martial arts
  • (12:55) Daniel almost gets into a fight on his wedding day
  • (17:09) Living in Austin, Texas after leaving L.A. California taxes are hell.
  • (23:44) Our money is buying less and less. Inflation is here. This is obvious when we look at our grocery bills.
  • (27:06) Gas prices are also on the rise. Going off the gold standard set the current situation into motion.
  • (37:00) Big politics and big business have always been dirty business. How should we fix the government and the monetary system?
  • (45:44) Ups and downs in life are unavoidable. The more you experience them the more confident you will get through.
  • (48:39) In the content game, once you start, you can’t stop. Optimization and delegation is key.
  • (55:45) There’s a difference between having an audience and a platform
  • (01:01:50) People need to be exposed to brands FREQUENTLY in order to form a connection


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