EP102: The New Wave Manifesto (Mindset Monday)

Now that we’re officially over 100 episodes, I wanted to lay out my fundamental beliefs about what’s happening in the world today  — and how you can surf the New Wave to prosperity, happiness and accomplishment.

📖 Resources Mentioned 📖

  • Episode #2 of The New Wave Podcast: What is Web 3.0? (in-depth!)
  • Episode #10 of The New Wave Podcast: What is it like to Die?
  • Episode #48 of the New Wave Podcast: The Fresh Prince of Permaculture w/ William Padilla-Brown
  • What Is it Like to Die? (ARTICLE) By Danel DiPiazza

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  • (04:12) The New Wave Manifesto. Preparing for the future in a rapidly changing world
  • (06:27) The New Wave is about the philosophy of the ocean. You can’t fight the tide, but you can adapt to it.
  • (09:36) Technological sovereignty: Web3 and blockchain technology
  • (15:15) Financial sovereignty: Bitcoin, crypto currencies 
  • (22:44) Personal sovereignty: self-defense, first aid, home defense
  • (36:12) Mental and spiritualsovereignty: meditation, therapy, psychedelics


None of the contents of this show should be taken as financial or legal advice. The New Wave Entrepreneur is educational and entertainment content only. Remember: always DYOR!


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