EP103: Your Art Is A Spell w/ Neghar Fonooni

Today, Daniel sits down with word witch, multi medium artist, and Tarot Neghar Fonooni. As the author of three books of poetry and prose, Neghar has been writing shitty poems since the age of eight. She is now a self taught professional stuff maker.

A child of immigrants and of the stars alike, Neghar lives in West Los Angeles with her teenage son and an undisclosed number of rocks, crystals, and houseplants.

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    • (03:30) Building a business as an artist in 2022
    • (08:19) Finding your voice as an artist can take a few attempts
    • (10:39) Your thirties can be a time of huge spiritual change. Wisdom is (usually) earned via pain
    • (17:00) The day to day of running a successful e-com brand as a one-woman business
    • (22:13) When you are doing it ALL, sometimes it’s hard to find the creative time. Get help with administrative tasks. 
    • (29:14) Impostor syndrome. Recognize your own achievements. 
    • (30:26) Growing up and evolving as an online personality takes courage and authenticity
    • (34:37) Neghar’s creative process 
    • (42:46) Hustle culture and productivity obsession can be at odds with artistic pursuits
    • (52:07) How does Neghar find inspiration?
    • (01:00:48) All brands are “exclusionary” to some extent
    • (01:11:22) You don’t have to be an expert to launch something
    • (01:16:51) Neghar doesn’t know what marketing is (but she’s doing it organically anyway)


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