EP104: Building a successful e-com brand around healthy snacking w/ Nick Neve

Nick Neve is an actor turned Amazon seller who created a successful e-commerce brand around healthy snacking. In this episode we explore the business model behind his Snack Box company, talk about the sometimes harsh realities of being a small business owner as well as discussing the food industry at large. And of course, it wouldn’t be a New Wave episode without some discussions on philosophy, ayahuasca and other esoteric gems! Towards the end of this episode, pay particular attention to some great book recommendations!

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  • (03:34) Vegan diets, synthetic meats and snacking
  • (13:32) Starting an e-commerce brand focused on healthy snacking
  • (18:50) The business model behind the boxed food e-com game
  • (24:55) Price increases. Money is human energy, wasting money is wasting energy
  • (28:55) What is the trajectory of a snack food brand in the context of the food industry in general? 
  • (34:02) Analysing the Amazon page. Amazon vs off-site.
  • (37:10) Small businesses often depend on a hand-full of larger businesses
  • (41:20) Don’t stop tackling issues until you solve the problem. Be flexible on the path but firm on the destination.
  • (45:31) The negatives of business ownership are not talked about enough
  • (50:56) The Way of Mastery. You are creating everything you are experiencing.
  • (54:56) Austin will potentially become the next L.A and FAST! How much of this do we owe to Joe Rogan and Elon Musk?
  • (01:04:15) Book recommendation from Nick: Levels of Energy by Fred Dodson
  • (01:13:06) Nick’s Ayahuasca closer. The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge 


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