EP109: How The Media & Government Manufacture The Pandemic For Profit and Control

In this essay adapted for the podcast, Daniel breaks down how media and government work together to amplify fear and profits at the same time. Plenty of practical examples and references in this one. A MUST LISTEN EPISODE.

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  • (03:23) Manufacturing fear via the pandemic: some context. There is an intense battle for your attention happening now.
  • (06:58) Being against one type of vaccine does not mean one is against all vaccines
  • (08:03) The media exists primarily to further the interests of powerful groups, not to take care of your personal health.
  • (15:51) We mistake popularity for truth. That which gets magnified becomes important at the expense of what is ignored.  
  • (17:51) Noam Chomsky. Manufacturing Consent. The elite news media create the majority of the info you consume. They determine what is true and what is not.
  • (23:05) How a tiny group of giant companies shape the world. The pandemic has benefitted the top US billionaires the most.
  • (29:26) COVID is the first War of the 2020s. War is an economic lever. Who ends up picking up the tab for all the government expenses related to COVID?
  • (39:53) COVID revealed a systemic weakness in the American healthcare system. The approach is to numb the effects of our problems rather than treating the source 
  • (43:12) The best way to figh the virus is to be in shape and keep your mind clear
  • (46:32) Emergency measures are often here to stay forever
  • (49:20) Questions to ponder:

    1. What dangerous precedents are being set by the so-called War on Covid?
    2. What role does the media have in perpetuating irrational fears in response to COVID, Russia/Ukraine etc? Who benefits? 
    3. Can you imagine society in 20 years if we’re still dealing with COVID at that point?  


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