EP110: Unlocking Your Potent Leadership Potential w/ Ruby Fremon

In this incredible interview, Daniel sits down with author Ruby Fremon to discuss the state of leadership in the business world — and why integrity and clarity in your messaging are the most profitable moves you can make in a world full of fakes.

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  • (05:30) Ruby Fremon is a badass. Ruby’s background & struggles with depression, anxiety, addiction.
  • (12:08) What is it about certain cultures that they create imprints of anxiety and depression in people?
  • (13:46) Social media has messed up our relationship to dopamine, leading to distortions in personality
  • (20:02) Ego is necessary but at one point it becomes a problem. How much is too much?
  • (22:25) People who gain audiences the fastest tend to lose control the fastest also
  • (26:19) The artistic person has to balance wanting to be popular and being true to their internal vision. Quality should never be sacrificed for getting likes.
  • (33:35) People need a very clear definition for what “wealth” means for them. Sometimes these definitions are implanted from without.
  • (39:59) Social media has made people anti-social. Going off-grid is too extreme, but we need to be intentional about using social media.
  • (44:31) There is no correlation between follower count and revenue generated. What people are starving for is true authenticity.
  • (51:52) The Rock’s social media is an unreal level of success porn.
  • (59:51) The era of the influencer is slowly dying


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