EP112: Why Your Memory Will Make You Money w/ Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik is a Mental Performance Coach who works with big name celebrities and the

country’s top CEOs. He teaches them to make the most of their brain’s processing power. You would think, with mantras like ‘memory will make you money,’ and ‘learn more to earn more,’ that Jim would be a staunch Wall Street Warrior, but instead, Jim uses his power for good and creates Superheros who believe that it’s not about making a dollar, it’s about making a difference.

In this throwback episode, Jim joins Daniel to share stories about the wisdom of Amazonian elders, the importance of dreams, the effects of technology on our memory, and biohacks for success.

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  • (04:43) The brain controls your entire life but there is no owner’s manual.

  • (06:15) How is technology affecting a human’s ability to use their brain power?

  • (11:43) Successful people have a to-do list and a not-to-do list.

  • (16:42) The learning system we currently use is antiquated, and doesn’t give us the understanding to unlock all the brain’s power.

  • (28:48) The key to long term memory is, information combined with emotion becomes a long-term memory.

  • (35:15) Key bio-hacks to achieve success include belief, visualization and perspective.

  • (42:55) Jim believes the mind can achieve altered states without the use of psychedelics

  • (48:12) Rainforest elders have the wisdom of the ages and translate their dreams every morning

  • (53:23) Creativity, focus, and memory are verbs, not nouns.

  • (59:43) The 4Gs to be a superhero are Growth mindset, Grit, Giving, and Gratitude

  • (01:04:38) Closing thoughts and further resources


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