EP117: Making It As A Full Time Creative w/ Jarrod Anderson

In this episode, Daniel sits down with creative director and photographer Jarrod Anderson to talk about his journey to becoming a full-time creative in New York City. MANY gems dropped in this conversation! We pay particular attention to some of the practicalities of becoming a successful artist in highly competitive environments like NY or LA. How to get yourself out there, how to charge for your services, how to connect to the right players. 

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(04:50) How come Jarrod chose NY as his base of operations
(12:13) Does Jarrod actually use his marketing degree for his work? (Nope!)
(14:03) Transitioning from marketing into photography 
(17:57) To take a decent photo you only need 3 core settings: f-number (aperture), shutter-speed and ISO
(20:20) A creative career is about creating your own opportunities. Jarrod gets his first serious photography gigs 
(25:57) Taking opportunities and networking to advance your career
(31:35) Creative careers are helped by being where the action is. Surviving in the big city environment
(35:49) New York and LA force you to raise your rates. How does Jarred approach pricing his services?
(41:08) Establish your minimum hourly rate and ideal client. Niche down if possible.
(45:44) Some of the coolest clients Jarrod has worked with include Nike
(48:55) Jarrod’s priority isn’t working for clients, but to create his own creative work
(52:30) Jarrod finds inspiration from life experiences
(58:12) What is the most important element of success in a creative career?
(01:06:14) Final thoughts & further resources

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