EP121: How To Find Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

The idea around a unique value proposition is: can you do something different or better than your competitor in order to create a new customer? What are some ways to stand out? Often the first solution is to compete on price, but this may not be the best strategy. There are multiple vectors for achieving differentiation that may work much better: brand, quality of service, variety of service and more. In this Saturday Q&A, Daniel breaks down some pro-tips for determining your UVP. 

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(06:45) Isaac’s question from the NWP Discord: How to evaluate a unique value proposition and determine its validity in your target market?
(12:20) Strength of Seduction: Danial break down the UVPs of his own brand/company
(14:36) Do you even need MULTIPLE points of difference or just one really strong UVP? Daniel compares various software UVPs
(20:18) Always consider your UVP from the customer’s perspective.
(23:48) UVPs in Web3/NFTs
(26:04) Developing the UVP for the New Wave brand: staying flexible and focusing long-term

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