EP125: 7 Steps To Growing Your YouTube Channel w/ Noah Banks


YouTube is the most powerful search engine / social media combination in the world — but most people think that having a successful channel comes down to luck and non-stop posting. Noah Banks knows it’s really all about STRATEGY.

Noah’s channel has amassed 15,000+ subscribers and 3.5MM+ views while he’s been working on it PART TIME! Now the channel is making money and getting sponsorships. On today’s episode, he breaks down 7 critical elements to make your channel successful.


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(03:30) Noah Banks bio/overview of today’s topics
(06:15) Keys to success on YouTube: be very clear about what is the goal of the channel
(10:12) Building your house on someone’s else’s turf: YouTube owns your content
(11:43) Talk about things you are truly passionate about (don’t follow the herd)
(14:15) Think about ways to make yourself stand out. It doesn’t need to be something crazy. 
(21:53) You can start with basic production tools.
(23:42) Pay attention to the numbers. YouTube wants you to succeed and provides you the needed metrics.
(26:53) People seek to go viral, but that’s not a good long-term strategy. Aim for consistency and sustained growth.
(29:16) 🔥As a beginner, how frequently should you upload on YouTube?
(31:40) Don’t be shy to share your videos. Own it, spread it, get eyes and ears on it.
(35:14) Commit to the long term and stay consistent. Noah’s been in the game for 7 YEARS
(40:46) Podcasts will benefit massively if they become searchable like YouTube
(45:52) How long does it take to produce a 7-minute video? Scripting, filming A roll and B roll, editing.
(48:38) Working with sponsors and brands

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