EP126: A License to Print Money and Design Your Dream Life w/ Stephen Key (Throwback Thursday)

Stephen Key is an idea man who calls himself a re-inventor, not an inventor. On this episode, Daniel and Stephen discuss his New York Times Bestselling Book One Simple Idea + strategies for profiting from your own creativity.

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(06:31) What exactly does Stephen Key do?

(10:12) Stephen’s book, One Simple Idea, educates people on how to get paid for their creativity.

(12:56) Stephen is in full control of his creativity

(14:52) The consistent process of proliferating bad ideas, until one good idea stands out.

(22:42) Is it possible to knock it out of the park with your first idea?

(24:46) Starting a company is working on one idea for years; with licensing you can work on multiple projects a year.

(27:21) You have to be a little bit crazy, and put your entrepreneur ego at risk.

(36:45) Your life will change, once you hit the jackpot financially, but probably for the worst.

(42:54) Rituals help keep you grounded, when you start receiving big checks.

(45:38) Having the freedom to say no, is important to Stephen.

(50:15) The beauty of nurturing growth in other people.

(53:44) Stephen has gained confidence by overcoming obstacles.

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