EP130: The 5 Levels of Income Generation (Fundamental Info For Financial Freedom)

This Monday’s podcast episode is an in-depth look at the different models / levels of income generation you can develop during the course of your career. This information is CRITICAL for anybody who wants to become 100% financially free. 

The ideas in this episode are highly influenced by Robert Kiyosaki and Naval Ravikant.  

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(03:30) Introduction to the 5 Levels of Income & the Cashflow Quadrant
(05:23) Level 1: employee. Your income is at the mercy of your employer. 
(09:46) Level 2: Self-employed. You own your clients, your income stream
(13:37) Level 3: Entrepreneurship.
You OWN the money-generation system. You no longer need to trade time for money.
(17:04) Level 4: You own the capital. This is the INVESTOR level. 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: None of the contents of this show should be taken as financial or legal advice. The New Wave Entrepreneur is educational and entertainment content only. Remember: always DYOR!

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