EP131: Understanding Your Human Design, Unlocking Your Unique Archetype, Breaking Social Conditioning and More w/ Richard Learmont

In this episode, we go deep into Human Design with
Richard Learmont.

Richard is a Certified Human Design Life Coach and BG5 Career & Business Consultant with over 15 years of experience. A multi-instrumentalist Musician, Songwriter, and Sound Meditation Practitioner with over 20 years of experience, he understands the sensitivity, commitment and courage that’s necessary for today’s entrepreneur’s success and fulfillment.

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(03:30) Being an urban Shaman is not a common career path. How does one make a career in healing people?
(06:37) Richard began his healing journey with music. Sound can be healing
(11:26) Understanding energy and frequency in life
(15:18) Human Design: understanding that we have two sets of consciousness. Mind & body

(19:20) Your energy field/aura extends to about two arms length from your body
(21:49) What are the four archetypes according to Human Design
Manifestors, Generators, Reflectors, Projectors
(27:17) Human Design is a tool for decision making.
(32:22) People are strangers to their own body. What if we achieved true bodily awareness?
(33:38) The current mental illness phenomenon and parenting
(42:27) If you want different results you need to do different things
(43:52) An overabundance of information doesn’t necessarily lead to better decisions 
(47:30) Human Design teaches you how to match your energy to the appropriate people
(54:22) Wisdom vs intelligence. Scientific knowledge vs spiritual knowledge
(56:20) We are living through the end of a cycle of history. The GREAT MUTATION

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