EP132: How Women Can Make An Impact On Web3 And What Men Don’t Understand About The Future of Business w/ Paige Michelle

Paige Michelle is a global Human Design Authority, Life and Business Strategist, Investor and Mommy. She is also Queen Mutha at UNDEFINED — a personal development empire focused on helping Women (especially mothers) take immediate control of their mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny with online education courses, physical products and in-depth interviews with leaders. Her insightful work has been featured in Forbes, The List, Nicki Swift, Betches, and more. 

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(07:25) Women harbor some deep imbedded fears
(11:20) Elizabeth Holmes wouldn’t get the same heat if she was a man
(16:00) If you are a consumer of a business you should also be an investor/owner
(19:25) Women in STEM. Are women more right-brain?
(25:23) Using your sex appeal/beauty in marketing.
(30:55) Most top social media influencers are women
(36:24) Building “fan funnels”
(39:09) Web3 and the internet of ownership. Communities will be KEY.
(47:12) Advertising changes every time a new medium appears
(50:32) What tools is Paige using for community building?
(53:37) How does Paige convert her audience into buyers?
(55:40) TikTok marketing

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