EP123: Money Tenets Part 2 (Mindset Monday)


In the follow-up to last Monday’s “Money Tenets” episode, Daniel breaks down some further financial mindset tenets for going into 2022 and beyond. Covered today: having good financial hygiene, taking emotions out of money decisions, how to turn your unique experiences into money & more. 

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(04:39) Quick recap of the first 5 tenets
(07:19) Financial hygiene is more important than your income number
(14:18) Money behaves best on auto-pilot. Take the emotion out of managing money.
(17:19) Money = Time x Volume x Skill
(23:53) Money requires consistency. Find the thing that works and lay into it.
🔥Consistency requires overcoming boredom and procrastination.
(26:45) A strong defense is better than a killer offense. Prepare for financial disasters. 


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