EP124: Dario CiVon: The Lebron James of Seeing


Dario From The Future aka Dario CiVon is an entrepreneur and concept artist in the video game and animation industry, specializing in colorful creatures and forests. In addition to his art, he has deep interests in psychedelics, meditation, Yoga, and the UFO phenomenon. 


In today’s episode, we get into what it takes to become a freelance artist, how to marry the worlds of business and art and more. Dario also gives us some insight into the brand new animated show that he is working on for Discovery Latin America, which is being built inside Unreal Engine. 

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(06:01) Dario CiVon: painter of colorful creatures and worlds. What are the key skills and education paths for concept artists?
(11:31) There is something to be said about achieving mastery in the game of art. ANY art
(17:00) After year 3 of learning anything, that’s when you begin to taylor it to yourself
(18:15) The business side of art
(23:47) Pitching to a large production company
(26:26) Kid’s shows are taking a step up in terms of quality
(28:11) Tech developments in art: Unreal Engine animation, deep-fakes, A.I. generated art
(33:47) High Art vs “art” art
(28:21) Artists in the 21st century are constantly engaged in changing their mediums of expression
(49:55) How to balance high levels of art production with holding yourself back
(55:24) You have to choose what kind of creative organism you become
(57:51) What is the best way to think about your artistic IP/brand
(01:03:15) Art in the age of VR and AR
(01:09:12) How to create authentically? From your CORE
(01:14:13) Closing thoughts & further resources

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