EP128: Secrets To Building A Career As A Content Creator [Q&A Saturday]

In today’s episode, Daniel outlines the most important elements of building a successful career as a content creator (writing, social media, youtube, music, etc) — including his insights from over a decade of experience in the game.  

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(04:42) Focusing on one area of our lives vs becoming a jack of all trades
(06:38) Audience Q: How do I make a living as a content creator?
Daniel recaps his early days Blogspotting, acting and publishing stuff before the social media BOOM
(16:41) The importance of making use of YOUR unique skills
(21:19) There is no ONE single way to make it in the content game. The field changes with the times. 
(28:34) Making money as a content creator is rewarding, but can also become routine
(32:22) 🔥For a newbie content creator, Daniel recommends starting on YOUTUBE

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