EP133: How The Corporate Landscape Is Changing From The Inside w/ Chris Yeh

Daniel welcomes investor, author, advisor, and father, Chris Yeh to the podcast. Chris is the ultimate example of a balanced, high-performer who believes taking the time to produce quality work saves more time and resources than taking shortcuts ever will. Chris co-authored the books, The Alliance and the tentatively titled, Blitzscaling to help startups scale up efficiently.

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(04:40) Introduction to Chris Yeh: a man of many talents
(06:15) What shifts are affecting the workforce in today’s outdated corporate landscape?
(08:01) The Alliance is about having a realistic approach to employment. 
(11:11) Who are the Optimistic Realists of our time?
(16:46) Why Chris invested in TrackR, a startup many other investors ignored.   
(22:03) How Chris is able to tackle urgent and important daily tasks. 
(29:29) Taking the time to do quality work pays off every time. 
(37:19) 🔥Chris’s new book is about growing a business quickly aka blitzscaling. 

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