EP138: Dustin Lien Interviews Daniel (Reverse!!) New Wave Podcast Behind the Scenes

In this special reverse episode of The New Wave Podcast, entrepreneur Dustin Lien interviews Daniel DiPiazza about the REAL reasons he started The New Wave movement — and what his evil plans are for the future. Daniel sheds some light on the behind-the-scenes of the New Wave Podcast and goes into what it takes to produce a daily show. Also discussed are productivity, avoiding decision fatigue and distractions & much more! 

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(02:28) Daniel has been involved with client work for a long time. Has his approach changed over the years?
(12:41) Daniel’s business is focused on doing in-person events
(16:17) VR is inevitable, exciting and also kinda terrifying
(20:56) Technology has affected birth-rates and demographics, particularly in Japan
(27:49) Daniel’s process for working on and building the New Wave Podcast
(40:30) You don’t have to be super-famous to make a success of content creation
(47:01) Daniel’s method for planning out work and avoiding self-destruction 
(52:24) Time management vs energy management
(57:32) Context switching, decision fatigue and batching your work to be productive
(01:03:15) People tend to overestimate their ability to sustain focused work throughout the day.

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