EP139: Real Talk For Entrepreneurs Who Are In The Process of Self-Development, Growth and Change w/ Brian Moncada | Getting To Know Yourself, How To Pivot In Business & More

In this episode of the podcast, Daniel sits down with entrepreneur Brian Moncada to have a real conversation about what it takes to be successful, stay aligned and maintain your sanity on the business journey. Brian shares an inspiring story about turning his demons into the source of his success and overcoming his limitations.

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(00:57) Brian Moncada bio. The entrepreneur’s hero’s journey.
(02:30) You’re never gonna figure it all out and that’s OK
(05:35) Giving up and moving on are not the same thing. Avoiding analysis paralysis.
(13:23) Producing content as therapy.
(15:53) Every level hides a new devil. Worry is present at all levels of success. 
(17:47) When you feel discomfort don’t run away from it, run towards it
(24:56) Everybody has things that they are self-conscious about
(28:07) Moving from Arizona to Miami. The importance of moving a suit while working from home.
(34:44) Branding is about REPETITION and CONSISTENCY. Daniel and Brian analyze the branding details of www.adspend.com

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