EP140: Let’s All Have a Profit Party w/ Drew Little (Throwback Thursday)

Daniel’s guest, Drew Little, is comfortable with making money and he wants to make sure Millennials feel comfortable with it too. Drew has built several scalable businesses that essentially run without him, including Red Giant, LifeFlix, and others. He hires the right people to do the right jobs and empowers them to grow the business as they see fit. Drew doesn’t measure success by the life you give up when building a business, but by the life the business affords you to live.


“I decided that never again was a company going to run my life.”

“I want people to focus on their passion and to not settle for a shitty job.”“If you start a company, make sure the mission isn’t more important than the people. “

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(02:01) Drew Little’s bio.
(06:51) Is the dot com boom resurfacing?
(10:06) Benevolent profit. The millennial attitude towards work.
(13:37) Red Giant is a profit party.
(18:41) Getting Things Done is a magic book. Drew never works more than 35 hours a week.
(26:18) The side hustle, aka moonlighting, can be done with very little money.
(29:50) A company is a group of human beings coming together to accomplish something.
(35:49) Drew has never met a rich a-hole
(40:59) How to use money to improve your health.
(48:29) Achieving financial independence through compound interest.

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