EP141: The Friday Headlines – Remote Workers May Soon Be Able to Work Tax-Free In Bali, Billionaires Buying BTC & More (June 10, 2022)


In this week’s wrap-up, we take a look at some of the top news items of the past 7 days. 


  1. TikTok ‘failing’ as disinformation videos reach millions ahead of Kenya election; manipulated content, hate speech, calls to violence viewed 4M times, study finds



  1. Remote workers may soon be able to live and work tax-free in Bali, under a 5-year ‘digital nomad’ visa




  1. Microplastics found in freshly fallen Antarctic snow for first time




  1. Always Sunny’ Actor Rob McElhenney Launches Web3 Writers Room With Ethereum NFTs



  1. Billionaires Remain Wary Of Bitcoin—But They’re Buying Crypto At A Higher Rate Than The Average Investor, Forbes Survey Finds


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(01:15) TikTok failing as disinformation takes over in Kenya
(07:45) Remote workers might be able to work tax-free in Bali
(11:30) Microplastics found in Arctic snow for the first time
(16:05) “Always Sunny” actor launches Web3 project
(20:50) Billionaires are buying Bitcoin (BTC) despite apparent skepticism

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