EP151: Rules For Developing Incredible, Lifelong Friendships

Here are the core principles of the most important relationships in your life + the questions you should ask yourself to determine if you’re being a good friend.

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(01:46) FRIENDS – how many of us have them for real?
(03:56) How to tell a true friendship? #1: Honesty
(08:10) #2 True friends are reliable
(10:35) #3 True friends help you see the bigger picture
(12:32) #4 Find friends who are skilled at conflict-resolution
(15:51) #5 Contribution. True friends seek to bring more to the relationship
(17:18) #6 Growth and development: true friends help you get to the next level
(19:54) #7 Do your friends stand up for you when you’re not there to see it?
(22:57) How many friends do you have you’d take a bullet for?

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