EP152: Going from a burned out Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur to a Happy Hustler w/ Cary Jack

Cary Jack is a lifestyle entrepreneur who works to live, not lives to work. Hustle culture, at its extremes, can become neurotic and even self-defeating. Jack provides a counterpoint to this fad through his own unique take on how to work and live to the max without going overboard. In this episode, Jack breaks down the 10 Alignments of a Happy Hustler and applies his philosophy on Daniel to rank his score live on air!

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(03:05) Jack’s happiness is directly correlated with the amount of time he spends in nature
(07:20) Living inauthentically is a big problem with hustle culture 
(10:09) Jack’s “SOULMAPPING” philosophy framework applied to Daniel: how does he rank?
(13:11) Selfless service, optimized health, unplugged digitally, loving relationships
(19:00) Mindful spirituality, abundance financially, personal development, passionate hobbies
(23:10) Impactful work, nature connection,
(32:22) People overestimate how much is needed for true happiness
(40:11) Daniel’s Happy Hustler score. The biggest lesson from Happy Hustlin’ and the importance of SLEEP
(44:45) Jack nearly died from carbon monoxide poisoning (crazy story) The importance of gratitude 

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