EP154: There is Infinite Opportunity in the Digital Space But You Must Put Yourself Out There with Hursh Dodhia-Shah

Daniel welcomes the founder of Tradesign, Hursh Dodhia-Shah to the podcast. Hursh was a member of Daniel’s Freelance Domination tribe. He has grown his business based on the principles he learned during the course and he finds himself at the precipice of calling his team an agency. Hursh isn’t afraid to put himself out there, he works hard, he networks, and he knows that taking care of his employees is just as important as taking care of external factors. His growth in the digital space knows no bounds.

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(02:00) Hursh knew he wanted money and time to do things and to be self-employed.
(08:22) You have to put yourself out there.
(11:21) You can’t skip the work when building your own business.
(15:26) Distinguishing your business as an agency.
(20:13) Your internal stakeholders are more important than your external stakeholders.
(22:35) You are an extension of your network.
(25:26) How to get over your embarrassment from not being very skilled when you are just starting out?

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