EP161 Riding the Storm Out: Daniel keeps his commitments even when faced with a hurricane. (Throwback Thursday)

Daniel records this solo episode next to a boarded up church in Southern Florida just a day after Hurricane Irma pounded the area with damaging wind and rain. Daniel keeps the podcast, the blog, and the newsletter going because he believes in what he does. He understands his life choice to be an entrepreneur has afforded him the ability to go protect his great-grandparents even when he had other shit going on. Daniel cares about his work so deeply that he found a way to send a dose of daily encouragement to his followers even when things got tough.

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(01:30) Heading into Hurricane Irma.
(06:30) Entrepreneurship gives you the freedom to follow your moral code.
(10:46) As you get older more death is more apparent in your life.
(16:58) Making good decisions is easier without fear.
(25:53) Total commitment pays off and makes you proud.

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